Get to Know Sister Rosetta Tharpe!


Before there was Elvis…before there was Chuck Berry…before Bill Haley “rocked around the clock”…there was Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Tharpe (an artist you will hear on the air here at Renegades Radio) was a legendary gospel/blues/soul artist who was legendary for her guitar playing style. Get to know the 2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee here!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s the Best of Irish Rock!


As St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, you can be sure that people will be swilling green beer (and the real Irish faithful, Irish whiskey), eating a crapload of corned beef and cabbage and pinching the naysayers who aren’t wearing green on the ass! There will also be some fantastic music played from many who call the Emerald Isle home…here’s a list of some of the greatest musical acts in the history of Irish rock!

Filter has Show in Texas Canceled for Their Anti-Trump Views


Quite honestly, the band Filter hasn’t been on the radar screen of the music world since 1995 (anyone remember “Hey Man Nice Shot?”). But the decision by the Speaking Rock Casino management to cancel the band’s concert just hours before showtime – apparently over their views regarding the current elected leader of the States of America – is causing quite a ruckus. Check out the story here!