Rockin’ & Crackin’ – “Tampa” Earl’s Real Rock Radio Shows for January 16, 2022

It was a great weekend of rock as “Tampa” Earl paid tribute to a legendary rock band on “Rockin’ in the USA” and rolled out the latest and greatest of new music on “Crackin’ the Seal” at the midpoint of January!

On “Rockin’ in the USA,” “Tampa” Earl headed to the Midwest for one of the legendary bands in rock history, REO Speedwagon. Did you know that the band had THREE different vocalists in just its first few years of existence? Learn about that and much more as you jam to some of the greatest hits from REO including “Ridin’ the Storm Out” (the original AND the remake!) and “Roll with the Changes!”

On “Crackin’ the Seal,” the Swedish band Amaranthe got some love as we rolled out their brand new song “PvP.” We also heard from Conquer Divide and their cover of “Bad Habits” and Code Orange hit us with “Out for Blood.” In the New Artist Spotlight, such up and comers as INFLUEN5, Ardenite, Rival Gods, Blacklist Union, The Suicide Notes, Lammping, Affection and DYMYTRY.

It’s two hours of rock and roll enjoyment…come on in and listen!


Renegades Radio Podcast – Who REALLY Deserves to Be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?


It is a question that is asked frequently when the discussion of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame comes up. Of all the artists who have performed in the history of the genre, who REALLY deserves to be there that hasn’t gotten in yet? The Renegades Radio Podcast took this question to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Official Fan Space on Facebook and, after over 100 replies, got a general look at who the members of the Facebook page thought should be there.

Whether the genre is 70s rock, female vocalists and bands or singer/songwriters, the Fan Space was loud and proud about who they thought should be there! Join us for an hour (or so) and see if you agree with what the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Official Fan Space thought about the subject!

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