Rockin’ and Crackin’ – “Tampa” Earl’s Shows for September 12

This is the home of the shows of “Tampa” Earl on Real Rock Radio!

On September 12, “Rockin’ in the USA” remembered the tragedy of what was 9/11, twenty years later. We looked at songs that were initially banned from being played on American airwaves and then examined how rock’s greatest performers remembered the day.

On “Crackin’ the Seal,” new music from Dirty Honey, Asking Alexandria and a live cut from 2001 by the legendary Megadeth that has been released on CD hit the airwaves. In the New Artist Spotlight, a whole host of new artists will be shining brightly, including Blu DeTiger, Cedars, Cannons, Talleen, Dangereens, Freakshow, Fugitive and Not Now Norman.

Enjoy two hours of rock and roll!



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