Rockin’ & Crackin’ – “Tampa” Earl’s Shows for September 19

“Tampa” Earl rolled out two new shows on September 19 for Real Rock Radio incorporating Greater Manchester Rock Radio…and “Rockin’ in the USA” and “Crackin’ the Seal” never sounded better.

On “Rockin’ in the USA,” “Tampa” Earl paid tribute to one of the cities that is a jewel of American rock & roll, the city of Boston! As one of the oldest cities in the U. S. and a multicultural hub for the world, the music generated by the city of Boston crosses all boundaries. We pay tribute to that history as we celebrate Boston, one of the key cities in U. S. rock history!

On “Crackin’ the Seal,” Black Veil Brides was the focal point as we look forward to the release of their new CD, The Phantom Tomorrow, which comes out October 29. In the New Artist Spotlight, we featured the latest music from up and coming bands like Roya, Ghosts of Sunset, Kamenar, Master Dy, Wine Lips, Prima Donnas, Dead Sara, The Rockit King, and the Jamie Porter Band.

If you’re looking for something to rock out to, go no further than this show!



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